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Catawba Native American Indian Research

Catawba Indians: "People of The River"
(Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History


Catawba (Tribe)(Wikipedia)
Also known as Issa or Esaw) are a tribe of Native Americans, once considered one of the most powerful eastern Siouan tribes, traditionally lived in Southeast United States, along the border between North and South Carolina.

Finding Cherokee and Catawba Indian Ancestors
(Gaston-Lincoln Regional Library System)

Catawba Indian Tribe History (Access Genealogy)

Native Americans of South Carolina: Catawba Exodus
By Steven Pony Hill
[exodus from Catawba Reservation - around 1825](SCGenWeb)

Native Americans of South Carolina: Catawba Records
By Steven Pony Hill
[original members of our community here in nw FLA in 1830]

Catawba on the Roanoke By Crystal,Sat, 7 Jan 2006 Letter from Robert Carter to Sir Richard Everard ,[August 19,] 1727 -1- [Williamsburg, Virginia 1727 ]

Catawba Native American History 1: South Carolina (USGenWeb)
[Extracted from: "A History of the Upper Country of South Carolina, Vol. II"
By John H. Logan. orig. Pub. 1910, and p14-17: Joseph Habersham. -
Historical Collections.]

Catawba Native American History 2: South Carolina (USGenWeb)
[The Indian Tribes of North America"
By John R. Swanton, Pub. 1920
List Native Americans, History; Place Names; Sub-divisions; in South Carolina

Catawba Native American History 3: South Carolina (USGenWeb)
[Catawba Native Americans: Extracted from: 'Myths of the Cherokees'
By James Mooney (1861-1921)
Published by Governmental Printing Office Washington, DC. in 1900; pp 380-81]

Catawba Indians Who Fought for Confederacy Speech By Ben Harris (USGenWeb)
Catawba Indians Will Be Remembered Monument to
Those Who Fought for the Confederacy
Dedicated at Fort Mill Fifty Indians From Reservation Present,
Speech by Ben Harris, Monument Town -
Columbia State, Columbia, S.C., August 1, 1900, page 2, columns 1 & 2.

1847 2nd Census Catawba Indians (USGenWeb)

1854, 91 Catawbas in NC and SC (84 in SC) (USGenWeb)

1880 1st Census for Catawba Twp., York Co., SC. (USGenWeb)

1900 Census of South Carolina, York CO, Indian Reservation (USGenWeb)

1930 Catwaba Reservation Census (RootsWeb)


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